In the Know:  Boost your writing skills this Autumn

In the Know: Boost your writing skills this Autumn

With the cold and rainy weather coming up, we’re sure to spend more time indoors! So it’s a great time to encourage your child to develop their writing skills! This is an essential skill that’ll equip them with communication and thinking skills, allowing them to express themselves. Writing can also be a lot of fun! If this is a skill you’d like your child to develop, read on to find out more about what we’ve got lined up!

Explore your strengths as a writer!
The Happy Place Project is hosting a free, online creative writing workshop for teens aged 16 and up! This workshop is designed to help your child explore their strengths, resources, and hopes. They’ll have the opportunity to find out more about what they love and use this to write their manifesto. The workshop takes place on Tuesday 26th October, and you can sign up here

Write your own character!
Writing interesting characters is one of the many, free online courses offered by the National Centre for Writing. This course is open to young people aged 13-17 and allows them to learn all about what makes characters interesting and realistic. By the end of the course, you’ll have created a character profile that you can use in your own stories! To register for this course, click here

Take up a fun writing course!
Young Writer’s Blueprint is a free, online course for young people aged 6-10. In this fun course, your child will learn to gather ideas, create characters and settings, write short stories and also learn some basic editing skills. This course also offers downloadable videos and worksheets so they can complete them in their own time. If you like to book your place, click here

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