In The Know : Become an Entrepreneur this Summer!

In The Know : Become an Entrepreneur this Summer!

With most of us still choosing to stay home, despite the great weather we’ve been having, we had a look at exciting online opportunities available to nurture your child’s entrepreneurial spirit and motivate them to act on their ideas! Even if your child is not an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship skills can help them build on their problem-solving skills and resilience. Read on to find out more.

Global Teenpreneur Challenge!
Global Teenpreneur is almost here! We have partnered with our scholars to bring you an exciting new competition for young people aged 13-17. It’s an excellent opportunity for your child to learn how to build and launch their own business whilst working in a team. Each week, they’ll work towards completing a new challenge and there will be cash prizes up for grabs for teams who make it through to the final challenge!  To sign up and find out more, please click here.

Ultra Educations Online Business Fair
Ultra Education will be hosting their first online business fair on Saturday 22 August and Sunday 23 August 2020. The event will be Live on Hopin and is free to enter. It’s an inspiring event for the whole family where you’ll see entrepreneurs as young as 7 up to 18 yrs old showcase their products in business sectors such as Technology, Food, Fashion, and Music. To register click here.

If Only They Knew Podcast with Ted Lawlor
This podcast, led by Ted Lawlor, a young entrepreneur who has his own social media group, showcases young business minds from across the UK, sharing their opinions and advice to help other young people who are interested in business. The guests are in their late teens and each episode is sure to provide both value and entertainment. If your child is a young entrepreneur looking for advice and stories that they can relate to, this is the podcast for them. To listen click here 

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