In The Know : Be creative, raise your voice and show you care!

In The Know : Be creative, raise your voice and show you care!

Have you ever had an “aha” moment with your child and realised that you have found something valuable? If so, then this week’s lineup is perfect for your child! They may have expressed enthusiasm about a topic they care about, and this could be the start of something big, something innovative, and most definitely enjoyable. Listed below are some events and workshops to help steer the mind of your child.

Book your session and explore the power of your voice!
Goldsmiths University is hosting an exciting free event called DE:CONSTRUCT 2021. During this event your child will learn about how our voices can be amplified or suppressed and creating a platform where our voices can be heard. It is for all young people in year 12 or currently in their first year of college. Meet the speakers online on Tuesday 23 – Thursday 25 March 2021. Book your ticket here.

Join an Art Workshop with Creative Cafe
Creative Cafe is hosting a series of free workshops for young people aged 11-16 to help encourage them to come up with their own creative responses, which can include all styles of visual arts, creative writing or music. The workshops will run every Thursday until 1 April 2021. Each workshop brings a different topic from Sustainability to celebrating World Book Day. You can book your space here.

Register for an EGGS Project Workshop – Food Play
There are a trillion ways to take care of the environment and social value. This free EGGS Project Workshop is designed to teach students who are 11 – 15 years old, how to reduce packaging waste and food. Take your seat at the 2-hour workshop, Wednesday 31 March 2021. Join here for an informative and interactive workshop.

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