In the Know: Back to school activities

In the Know: Back to school activities

We hope you had a good half-term break and are ready and refreshed for the last stretch to the end of the academic year! In this week’s newsletter, we’re sharing three fun activities that your child can enjoy after school. These activities will help stimulate your child and help get them ready for the future! Read on to find out more.

Join a Book Club!
Oxplore Book Club Live is designed for young people aged 11-14. At this month’s meeting, Oxford students will talk about Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. Your child will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions in a live chat. The book club is free to attend and takes place on Wednesday 30th June. You can sign up here

Explore Clean Careers!
If your child is in year 8 to 10 and is looking at a career that can help save the planet, then this is a great free opportunity for them. They will hear from inspiring role models who have impressive and unique careers which contribute to protecting our planet. The session takes place on Wednesday 23rd June, and you can book your spot here

Get your Girl Into Coding!
This free exciting workshop is for girls aged 10-14 and is hosted by Girls into Coding. In this workshop, your child will be able to explore online coding activities, online robotics, 3D Design, and electronics. There will also be inspirational talks from women in STEM and is great for beginners. The workshop takes place on Sunday 13th June, and you can book your place here.

Your free Guide to Apprenticeships!
We’ve put together The GT Scholars Guide to Apprenticeships to help young people and parents to learn more about apprenticeships before embarking on their apprenticeship journey! In this guide, we cover topics such as the different apprenticeship levels, pros & cons, tips to find the right apprenticeship, and FAQs. You can download the guide by clicking on this link!

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