In the Know: All Things Green!

In the Know: All Things Green!

How are you? I hope well? I think it’s safe to say that young people need to learn how to protect their environment, be kind to each other, and make decisions that benefit the world as a whole. We believe that it’s important to teach young people about the environment and sustainability at home, as each small change can make a big impact. In this week’s line up, we’re focusing on just that! Read on if you’d like to find out more!

Learn how to store green energy!
The Great Exhibition Road Festival is hosting a free event where you and your family will discover how scientists capture and store green energy! Imperial College London Scientist, Louise, will unpack how to store energy on a large scale, so we can keep powering our homes and schools even when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. The event takes place on Wednesday, 24th November, and you can sign up here

Express how you feel about your environment!
Join Kakou for their exciting, free event called “A Climate of Change”! The aim of this workshop is to give young people, aged 8 – 24, an exciting opportunity to express their experience of COVID-19, and how it’s changed their environment,  through music and creative arts! This event will also allow them to explore how the environment and social culture is changing around them. It takes place on Wednesday, 1st December. You can register by clicking here

Explore the outdoors!
This free club is hosted by Surrey Wildlife Trust and is the perfect place for budding biologists and explorers to meet online with education tutors! They’ll get the opportunity to play games, make crafts, and share their love of all things wild. These activities are aimed at ages 6 – 13, and each session has a different theme. There will be activities to keep your child busy and happy all through winter. The club takes place on Thursday, 9th December and you can book here.  


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