In the Know: All About Apprenticeships!

In the Know: All About Apprenticeships!

Did you know that apprenticeships can open up new opportunities for your child and help them learn valuable skills that employers are looking for? In this week’s newsletter, you’ll learn all about apprenticeships, how to apply for them, as well as where to apply! Read on to find out more!

Learn about Apprenticeships!
Future Talent Lab is hosting a free workshop to introduce young people aged 16 and over to apprenticeships! In this workshop, you will learn about the entry requirements for different apprenticeships and how you can apply for these apprenticeships. This insightful online workshop will be held on Tuesday 6 December, so be sure to sign up here.

Discover Apprenticeship Opportunities!
Severn Trent is hosting a free online event for parents of young people aged 16 and over to learn about apprenticeship opportunities. In this event, you will learn how to successfully support your young person to apply for an apprenticeship. Join this event on Wednesday 14 December to have all your apprenticeships questions answered.

Explore a Day in the Life of an Apprentice!
Success at School is partnering with Lloyds Banking Group to bring students and parents in years 10 to 13 a free webinar! In this webinar, you will be learning about apprenticeship opportunities at Lloyds Banking Group, hear from current apprentices, and learn what a day in the life of an apprentice looks like. This online event will be taking place on Tuesday 13 December, and you can sign up here.

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