In the Know: Activities for Skill-Building!

In the Know: Activities for Skill-Building!

We hope you have been doing well this week? With the world going digital more and more each day, so are the career opportunities available to young people. However, in order to be successful in their careers, young people need to learn about boundaries and expectations. In this week’s newsletter, you’ll learn how to set effective boundaries with your teenager, explore apprenticeship opportunities and discover how they can build an app for IOS or Android! Read on to find out more.

Create an App for IOS or Android!
MIT App Inventor is a free online visual programme that allows young people aged 11 and over to learn coding and build fully functional apps for IOS and Androids. In fact, new MIT App Inventors can have their first simple app up and running in less than 30 minutes! They offer tutorials ranging from basic to advanced difficulty so that you always have something new to learn! Help your child create their first app here

Learn how to Set Boundaries with your Teen!
Yshai Boussi, a speaker and family therapist of 20+ years, is hosting a free webinar for parents who are wanting to learn how to set effective boundaries with their teenagers. In this webinar, you’ll learn some new perspectives and tools to hold your teen accountable while preserving connection. This online event will be on Wednesday 16 November, and you can sign up here.

Discover Apprenticeship Opportunities!
All About Stem is hosting a free online event for students aged 16 and over and their parents to learn more about apprenticeships. In this event, you will learn what it means to do an apprenticeship, where to find an apprenticeship and what career opportunities are available after completion. There will also be a Q&A, as well as digital resources available to you. You can sign up for this event here.

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