In the Know: A Summer filled with opportunities!

In the Know: A Summer filled with opportunities!

The summer holidays are around the corner, and I’m sure you’re looking for fun ways to keep your child engaged whilst learning something new. In this week’s newsletter, we’ve got some exciting opportunities lined up for you and your child. Read on to find out more about how you can keep your child safe online, introduce them to new careers and explore the ancient world. 

Get it right with online safety, gaming & social media!
On Thursday 1st July at 7pm, we’ll be hosting a free online webinar with Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, founder of In this webinar, you’ll gain critical thinking skills to confidently raise your child in the digital world and learn strategies to help your child balance screen time with academic life. If you’d like to join this insightful webinar, register here.

Explore careers at Deloitte!
Deloitte is hosting a free interactive online festival focused on helping young people aged 13 and up learn more about careers at their company. Your child will have the opportunity to engage in virtual escape rooms, meet the team, or join a skills workshop. The sessions will run from Tuesday 29th June to Tuesday 31st August, and you can sign up here.

Learn more about Life in the Ancient World!
University College London is hosting an online summer school for young people in Year 11-13. In these sessions, your child will learn more about the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome, and the Mediterranean and have an opportunity to participate in a live Q&A session. The sessions are free to attend and will start on Monday 26th July to Wednesday 28th July. To sign up, click here

Check out this interview with a GT Scholars interview!
We had the chance to chat with Nicolina, a parent of one of our scholars, to understand her experience of the programme. During the interview, Nicolina shares more about how the mentoring sessions boosted her son’s confidence, and how it helped him to stay focused on his studies and set long term goals. To read the full interview click here.

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