How to Facilitate Impactful & Meaningful Learning At Home

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Meet your Host - Temi Kamson

Temi Kamson is the founder and Chief Executive of GT Scholars, a UK-based social enterprise that provides tutoring, mentoring and enrichment programmes to young people from a range of backgrounds.


Passionate about social mobility and diversity, Temi has a Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of Nottingham. She started her career as an engineer and worked for a short time in Investment banking before deciding to pursue a PGCE in Mathematics Education at the University of Cambridge.


Temi taught in state and independent schools for a decade before moving into the world of project management and social entrepreneurship.

Meet our guest speaker - Alberta Stevens
Alberta Stevens is a CIPD qualified trainer and  a previous university lecturer with a background in Human Rights, Politics and Marketing. She is a home education consultant and founding director of Homegrown Sonshine™, a London based home education consultancy specialising in helping parents craft and navigate their own unique and meaningful home education journeys.
Prior to becoming a home educator, Alberta juggled motherhood with a senior role in corporate responsibility. Before this, she worked as a learning programme manager for over 20 year in the Middle East and the UK, where she designed and led innovative informal learning initiatives for secondary and university students, corporate executives and local community groups.

In this 60-minute Webinar, You'll Discover:

  • How to Facilitate and Encourage Independent Self-directed Learning
  • The Importance of Setting up your Own Vision, Mission & Goals for Home Schooling
  • How to Cultivate a thriving home learning environment
  • How to use literature, games and movies to build connections
  • How to Plan & Implement a learning schedule that works for you and your family
  • Ideas to Ignite your Child's natural Curiosity  & Interest in learning

About Alberta Stevens

"Alberta advocates for education that promotes creative thinking. She believes every child is special and carries a divine purpose which should be nurtured, not stifled. It's a completely new paradigm that challenges a lot of the norms we as parents of school educated children have been taught to believe." - Tonbra Nwosuagwu

"Alberta has developed a wholesome solution to homeschooling that inspires and challenges the status quo. Listening to her makes me want to home school my child if I have the resources and support to do it which she provides. It was such an insightful and loaded session." - Uche Anajemba

"Raising a young girl, I enjoyed the fact that the webinar was hosted by two successful educators. It was also inspiring for my daughter to see this. Since attending the webinar I have started finding ways for our learning activities to not only be academic but also fun!" - Tanya

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