Has Your Teen Signed Up For The Free #GirlsMeetsCode Summer Programme 2023?

Has Your Teen Signed Up For The Free #GirlsMeetsCode Summer Programme 2023?

Parents, we have an exciting programme to help young girls explore and learn more about the world of coding!  

A FREE 5-day Summer Programme that helps girls aged 12-16 to develop their skills in coding and technology, connect with role models and mentors, and learn about careers in coding and technology. Sign up here!

What is the #GirlsMeetsCode Programme About?

The programme is designed to help girls 12-16 learn about technology and coding. They will explore various digital topics related to creative coding. Through workshops, they will collaborate to find ways to use technology for problem-solving and discover the joy of bringing ideas to life through coding.

The programme aims to boost their confidence in pursuing careers in tech or any field, enhance their leadership and communication skills, and provide mentorship from role models. No prior coding experience is required as volunteers and facilitators will guide them through the content. Activities include introductory talks on coding, hands-on coding exercises, and the chance to design games or apps while having fun! Find out more here

Are You Aware Of The Significant Shortage Of Tech Skills In The UK? 

The technology industry is rapidly expanding due to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, offering lucrative careers with an average salary of around £45,000 per year.

There are approximately 2 million job openings in technology, and employers actively strive for greater diversity within their organisations. Specifically, they are eager to hire more women for challenging and well-compensated roles in the technology sector.

So, What Does This Mean For Your Teenager?

It means that NOW is the perfect time for your teen to develop their tech skills and explore the exciting career prospects in the technology industry!

And what better way to accomplish this than by enrolling your teen in the captivating #GirlMeetsCode Summer Programme? 

The programme will be held in person in London. However, there will be an online version for those who cannot join us in person.

Applications are closing on Tuesday 25th July 2023. 

If you haven’t yet applied to the #GirlMeetsCode Summer Programme, apply soon.

The Power of Parents in Shaping Girls’ Coding Ambitions

Parents have a significant impact on their children’s aspirations, especially in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Studies have shown that a young person’s attitude towards science at school and their parents’ attitudes are strongly linked to their interest in pursuing science-related careers. 

Additionally, research has shown that a young person’s science career ambitions are influenced by the family environment. This research highlights how families play a vital yet complex role in shaping these aspirations. 

Why Is It So Important To Get Young Girls Interested In Coding? 

Girls still constitute a relatively small percentage of participants in mathematics (37%), physics (23%), and computing (15%). However, these disparities do not translate into differences in achievement.

A study conducted by FFT Education Datalab in January 2023 revealed that the variation in average grades between female and male students was most significant in physics and computer science. The study found that the girls were outperforming the boys.

Despite this variation, women occupy only 24% of positions within the technology sector. This is a significant gap, considering women make up half of the UK workforce, according to Lloyds’ report in 2023.

Encouraging young girls to pursue coding creates opportunities for them to thrive professionally while helping companies build diverse teams. By enrolling your daughter in #GirlsMeetsCode, you contribute to fostering gender equality within the tech industry.

Don’t miss this incredible chance to empower your daughter’s future! Sign up for the #GirlsMeetsCode Summer Programme today and watch her unleash her potential in coding and technology.

Remember, applications close on Tuesday 25th July 2023. 

Together, let’s shape a brighter future for girls in tech!

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