Please fill in our guest blog application form if you would like to write for us.

Please read these important guidelines before sending us any guest blog posts:

  1. We do not pay for guest posts
  2. We will allow no more than 3 links on a blog post
  3. You can have 1 promotional link to a website of your choice and up to 2 genuine research links
  4. We accept writers from any country. However, the promotional link must be relevant to UK audiences.
  5. Any promotional links must be to websites with good quality content – it must not be a spam website, social media page, sales page etc.
  6. We do not accept links to private tutoring websites. We will accept links to most not-for-profit organisations. However, we will need to review the content on your website to make sure that it is suitable for our audience.
  7. The promotional link must be of value to the reader and flow with the blog content
  8. We do not provide a byline or bio, so you won’t be able to state that you have written this guest post
  9. We only provide bylines and bios to our trustees and thought leaders in the education industry
  10. Please bear in mind that we are an education charity so we cannot accept blogs that do not fit with our industry or brand
  11. The audience on our site is usually parents and young people aged 11-21 in London
  12. We also have funders and volunteers (undergraduates and graduates) visiting our website, but we do not write articles for these audiences
  13. We will get back to you to let you know which topic/s we have chosen
  14. We will also suggest keywords/phrases for the post. However, you may have your own keywords that you would like to include and you are free to do so, provided that this is not overwhelming i.e. the keyword or phrase should appear no more than 10 times in the post
  15. You may write up to 2 blog posts per month
  16. Your blog post will be edited before we post it. This may mean removing some words or phrases that we believe are not suitable or relevant
  17. Please feel free to let us know if you would like us to write a guest post for your site. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do this
  18. We will upload your blog post to the site, usually within 2 weeks

If you would like to submit your ideas for guest blogs, please do so here.