The GT Scholars Youth Advisory Board is made up out of young ambassadors, representing a range of backgrounds and living in different parts of London. The Board is split into different committees covering a range of topical issues that impact young people today.

We believe that young people need to be heard, given a platform to share their voice and that they deserve to have a say on matters that affect young people directly. We also want them to work collaboratively with GT Scholars, be co-designers and join in decision making, on matters that will impact young people on our programmes.

Why do we have a youth board?
We know how valuable young people’s input can be in helping GT Scholars. Their insight can help us continuously improve our programmes and workshops so that they are designed to deliver exactly what young people need, helping us to reach and impact more young people.

Who are we looking for?
We’re looking for young people living in London between the ages of 13-17 to join the advisory board of GT Scholars. This is a great opportunity for any young person who would like to take on a new challenge and be part of a group that can make a difference and help us deliver more impactful programmes and workshops. 

What will you gain from joining the Youth Board?
The youth board is an excellent opportunity for you to learn new skills; build your confidence; improve their decision-making capabilities; and develop their leadership, communication and team-working skills. It’s also a great addition to add to your CV.

What are the requirements?
A Youth Board Member must meet all the below requirements:

  • You will need to be between 13-17 years of age
  • You will need to currently be on the programme or have attended one or more of our programmes, workshops or courses in the past 12 months
  • Be passionate about representing the views of young people and having their best interest at heart.
  • Be a team-player
  • You will need to have good organisation and leadership skills
  • You will need to be available to volunteer for approximately 3-4 hours per month including board meetings which take place 4 times a year.
  • Your parent or carer will need to give consent for you to join the board.

What responsibilities do Youth Advisory Board members have?
As a member of the GT Scholars Youth Advisory board you will:

  • Attend quarterly Youth Advisory Board Meetings. These meetings take place four times a year and last about 2-3 hours on a Saturday.
  • Be prepared to learn how GT Scholars works as a charity and social enterprise works
  • Be ready to share their views on issues affecting young people and the challenges that they face
  • Be able to provide feedback on programmes, workshops, website and newsletter to young people
  • Be prepared to communicate with the GT Scholars management staff about new or existing projects
  • Be on the interview panel for new board members, trustees, volunteer tutors, volunteer mentors and staff that wish to join GT Scholars
  • Be willing to share ideas for future programmes and workshops
  • Be an ambassador at GT Scholars events ie. ready to speak or deliver short speeches at events for GT Scholars
  • Be able to write short blogs or complete short telephone interviews for GT Scholars
  • Be an ambassador and be able to promote GT Scholars to family, friends and the wider public
  • Be prepared for your feedback, views, photos and videos to be featured and shared on our website, newsletter, impact report or social media posts

How do I apply to become a member of the Youth Advisory Board?
You can apply to join the Youth Board by completing these 3 easy steps:

  1. Application form: Complete the online application form
  2. One-to-one interview: If your application is shortlisted, your parent or carer will be contacted and a one-to-one interview date will be scheduled. This interview is usually online.
  3. Group interview: If your one-to-one interview is successful, we will invite you to a group interview date where you will meet other youth board candidates and have a chance to get to know them before joining the Youth board.

The outcome of your application will be confirmed within one week of your online interview and if successful you’ll be invited to join the GT Scholars Youth Advisory Board.