Girl Meets Code: 7 Reasons Every Teenage Girl Should Be Given The Chance & Choice To Learn About Coding & Technology

Girl Meets Code: 7 Reasons Every Teenage Girl Should Be Given The Chance & Choice To Learn About Coding & Technology

A recent study by FFT Education Datalab found that girls make up only 37% of entries in mathematics, 23% in physics, and a mere 15% in computing. 

However, the interesting part is that girls excel in these areas despite these imbalances!

As parents, we have a unique opportunity to empower our daughters by allowing them to learn about coding. This blog will explore seven compelling reasons why every teenage girl should explore the exciting world of coding & technology. 

So, let’s break barriers, defy stereotypes, and inspire a new generation of female coders!

Reason 1: Increasing Demand For Digital Skills Across the UK 

Various industries are increasingly recognising the growing importance of technology. Highlighting this trend to motivate young people, especially girls, to consider coding a valuable skill is crucial.

In today’s digital age, coding & technology play a significant role in almost every aspect of our lives. Advancements in technology are revolutionising industries and reshaping the future of work. This can be seen in various sectors such as healthcare, finance, transportation & entertainment.

As the demand for digital skills increases across the UK, coding has emerged as a key competency. Coding can open doors to exciting career opportunities. Encouraging girls to embrace coding equips them with valuable technical skills. It empowers them to shape the future of our technology-driven world.

Additionally, there is an increasing need for a diverse workforce to meet this growing demand. By encouraging our daughters to explore coding & technology, we can help bridge the gender gap in the tech industry. This ensures that their unique perspectives and talents contribute to building innovative solutions in the future. 


Reason 2: Closing The Gender Gap In Coding & Technology. 

A significant gender disparity has long plagued the technology sector. Women are underrepresented in coding and other tech-related fields. This gender gap limits the potential of talented women and hinders the industry’s overall growth and innovation. 

By examining this existing gender disparity, we can shed light on the importance of closing the gap by motivating young girls to be involved in coding. We can create a more inclusive and diverse tech industry that benefits everyone by encouraging and supporting young girls to pursue tech education and careers.

Closing the gender gap in coding & technology is crucial for various reasons. One of the significant benefits is its positive impact on the industry. By encouraging more women to pursue tech roles, we can tap into a vast pool of talent, ideas, and perspectives that have been historically underrepresented. 

More women in tech roles promote diversity and inclusivity and foster innovation and creativity. Women can bring unique problem-solving skills and different approaches to collaboration. Additionally, they can bring fresh insights to the table. This diversity of thought leads to more well-rounded solutions, better products, and improved user experiences. 

Moreover, having a balanced gender representation in tech helps create a more equitable and fair work environment where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive and succeed. By closing the gender gap in tech, we can create a brighter future for the industry and society.


Reason 3: Building Confidence And Creativity

Coding is not just about writing lines of code; it is a powerful tool that can foster creativity and confidence in young people, especially girls. Engaging in coding activities empowers young girls to think analytically and logically, boosting their confidence and nurturing their creative skills to tackle challenges.

Learning coding can have a transformative effect on young girls, boosting their confidence in various ways. As they acquire new coding skills, young girls gain a sense of accomplishment and self-assurance when they realise they can create something valuable from scratch. 

Additionally, coding allows your teen to unleash their creativity by providing a platform to express their unique ideas and perspectives. By coding their projects, your teen can see their visions come to life, fostering a sense of pride and self-belief. 

If you want to see a few examples of our past students’ work, visit the Girl Meets Code Club site here to see how they brought their ideas and visions to life through coding and building their websites!

Ultimately, learning to code equips young girls with a valuable skillset and helps them develop the confidence to tackle new challenges and pursue their passions fearlessly.


Reason 4: Expanding Career Opportunities in Coding & Technology. 

With the rapid advancements in technology, new career opportunities are constantly emerging. Getting your daughter involved in coding can open doors to many tech-related careers. The options are limitless, from software engineering to data analysis and web development to artificial intelligence. 

For example, your teen could become an AI/Machine Learning Engineer, where your teen could be working on building intelligent systems that can learn and adapt on their own. They would be able to develop cutting-edge algorithms and technologies that power self-driving cars and virtual personal assistants or even revolutionise industries like healthcare, finance, or agriculture.

Moreover, your teen has so many opportunities to pursue lucrative careers. Look at the embedded engineering field, for example, where professionals earn an average salary of £71,000. That’s a remarkable 145% more than the UK average salary of £29,000. 

Due to the ever-expanding career opportunities, you can see the long-term advantages of your teenager’s involvement in this field. Through coding, young people can acquire valuable skills that unlock doors to lucrative professions such as software development, web design, cybersecurity, and data analysis.


Reason 5: Empowering Girls To Shape The Future

Your daughters can have an incredible impact in shaping the future through coding. Encouraging your daughters to get involved in coding empowers them to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse tech industry.

Girls can bring unique perspectives and fresh ideas that can revolutionise technology use. Imagine the breakthroughs and advancements achieved by having equal representation and input from both genders. Coding skills empower girls to make a positive impact on the world. By learning to code, girls gain the ability to create innovative solutions to real-world problems that matter to them. 

Whether it’s developing mobile applications to promote education, designing websites to raise awareness about social issues, or programming robots to assist in healthcare, coding allows girls to channel their creativity and passion into projects that can truly make a difference. 

By embracing coding, girls can become agents of change and contribute to shaping a better future for themselves and society. 

So, why not encourage your daughter to explore the exciting world of coding and empower her to be a force for good in the world?


Reason 6: Promoting Gender Equality

Gender equality is not just a buzzword; it holds immense importance in shaping a fair and inclusive society. When we promote gender equality, we open the doors to a myriad of positive effects in our communities.

Teaching coding to girls breaks gender stereotypes by challenging the notion that specific fields are only for boys. By encouraging girls to explore coding, we are promoting gender equality and empowering them to pursue their interests and aspirations regardless of societal expectations. Breaking the stereotype that coding is a male-dominated field inspires more girls to embrace technology and pursue careers in STEM. This ultimately contributes to a more balanced and inclusive society.

When we encourage young girls to get interested in coding, we equip them with a valuable skill set. This leads to fulfilling careers and financial independence. Girls can break through societal barriers when given equal access to coding education. This gives them the chance to contribute their unique perspectives to the tech industry. This drives innovation and paves the way for more diverse and inclusive technology solutions. By promoting gender equality through coding, we create a world where every voice is heard, respected, and valued.


Reason 7: Realising Their Full Potential 

Getting your daughters into coding is about more than just teaching them a new skill. It’s about unlocking their full potential. One powerful way to encourage your girls to code is by increasing their awareness of the abundance of coding programs and resources tailored to them. Numerous initiatives and organisations actively promote girls’ participation in coding.

From after-school coding clubs to online tutorials and coding camps. Several resources provide a supportive and inclusive environment for girls to learn and thrive. By highlighting the availability of these coding programs and resources, we can empower our daughters to explore their passions. This will ignite their creativity and pave the way for a future filled with endless possibilities. Why not allow them to step into this exciting world of coding?

Fortunately, several organisations provide invaluable support and mentorship tailored to encourage more girls to get interested in tech. That’s why we started the Girl Meets Code Programme at GT Scholars. This program has been created to assist girls aged 12-16 in learning about technology and coding. 

The program aims to support girls by boosting their confidence to pursue careers in technology & coding. It also focuses on enhancing their leadership, communication, and soft skills while providing guidance from role models and mentors.

With the Girl Meets Code programme, parents can ensure their girls receive guidance and encouragement to thrive in coding! 

In conclusion, learning coding equips teenage girls with valuable skills. Coding empowers them to be active participants in shaping the future. It also opens doors to exciting career opportunities.

By closing the gender gap in tech, promoting gender equality, and providing resources tailored for girls, we can create a more inclusive and diverse tech industry. Additionally, encouraging girls to learn coding unlocks their potential and enables them to make a positive impact through innovative solutions.

So, let’s empower our young girls and inspire them to explore the exciting world of coding!

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