Friends of GT Scholars – Watch the latest scholar spotlight video interview!

Friends of GT Scholars – Watch the latest scholar spotlight video interview!

It’s nearly the weekend!! Did you know that today is Small Charity Big Impact Day? Many small charities, like ours, are making a difference – Over the past 4 years, volunteers like you, have collectively provided over 2400 hours of one-to-one support to young people! That’s a lot of hours and a lot of success stories to share! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be collecting and sharing more of these stories through our volunteer spotlights and scholar spotlights. Before we slide into the weekend, let me share some more updates at GT Scholars with you!

New Volunteer Mentoring Worksheets!
We’re very pleased to let you know that our new mentoring worksheets will be made available today. Thank you to all the volunteers who worked on creating and updating these sheets and creating the new worksheets! If you’ve been a mentor with us or just signed up, please have a look at the new worksheets which include a range of topics and great ideas for mentoring. The sheets will be uploaded to the shared mentoring folder but please feel free to get in touch if you’d like me to share this link with you again.

Spotlight on one of our scholars – Daniel
We’ve published another great spotlight video interview we had with one of our scholars on the Young Leaders Programme. In the interview, Daniel who’s now 18, shares his experience on the programme and how his mentor has helped him to develop his skills, grow and reach his goals. He’s currently studying sociology, religious studies and psychology, and shares how he has grown through the programme. To watch the video of the full interview, click here.

Nominate a scholar for the youth advisory board!
Applications for scholars to join our youth board are now open! Would you like to recommend your tutee or mentee? If you’ve tutored or mentored a young person in the last year and you think that they’ll be a good fit for our Youth Board please get in touch.  The Youth Board will be made up of young ambassadors aged between 13 and 17. This is a great opportunity for young people who would like to have an impact on GT Scholars and how we approach our programmes. Please send me a quick email if you’d like to nominate a young person.

Have a great week!

Marilyn van Heerden


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