Friends of GT Scholars – Looking for Speakers for Careers Day 2020!

Friends of GT Scholars – Looking for Speakers for Careers Day 2020!

It’s finally Friday! It’s been really busy over here with the launch of the new Inspiring Future Leaders programme, with two back-to-back workshops yesterday and today. Thanks to all the volunteers and workshop facilitators who are helping on these days! You’re the best! There are lots more events coming up this year, so please stay tuned for more details. Let’s start with what’s lined up for the next few weeks.


Would you like to be a speaker at Careers Day 2020?
The 5th Annual GT Scholars Career Day at Goldsmiths University is coming up soon and we’re really looking forward to it. It’s one of our most popular workshops and it’s always great to bring parents, scholars and volunteers together. I’m busy planning the panel of speakers for the day and I’m looking for volunteers from different career backgrounds to speak on the day, sharing their career success stories and opportunities available with young people and their parents. If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch with me.

Do you know of a great venue?
We’ve got over 10 events lined up over the next 6 months and we still need to confirm venues for a few of them. The perfect venue for our scholar workshops and volunteer meetups should be central, big enough to host up to 35 people and preferably bright with AV facilities. If you know of a great space at your workplace or local to you that we can contact to enquire about rates and venue availability please let me know. I’d really appreciate your suggestions!

How to make mentoring sessions impactful
The Inspiring Future Leaders programme has officially kicked off and that means we now have two great programmes offering volunteer mentoring opportunities. There’s definitely a lot of mentoring going around! It might not be your first mentoring rodeo or you might be getting ready for your very first mentoring session or perhaps you might be thinking of becoming a volunteer mentor. Whichever the case this blog can help you make your sessions interesting and impactful!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Friends of GT Scholars Volunteers