Friends of GT Scholars – Let’s help young people gain more skills!

Friends of GT Scholars – Let’s help young people gain more skills!

It’s the weekend! I hope that you’ve had a good week so far? Can you believe that we’re already halfway through July? Wednesday marked World Youth Skills Day which highlights creating opportunities for young people to develop their talents. And that is what the soon to be launched GT Scholars Youth Board is all about! In fact, our first group interview with the shortlisted candidates is this afternoon! Very Exciting! Thanks to everyone who offered to help with next week’s group interview! We’re really looking forward to seeing how our scholars’ input will add more value to programmes! But for now, I’ve got a few interesting things to share with you.

An interview with BBC News!
I’m really excited to share the recent BBC report that featured 3 of our scholars, where they shared their personal experience with homeschooling and learning from home during the lockdown. I followed up with the parents after the interview and the scholars were still buzzing and said they really enjoyed the experience! I’m glad that we were able to connect them with such an amazing opportunity! I’d love for you to watch Lola, Aniyah, and Kush’s interview by following this link.

Find out what this parent had to say during a spotlight interview!
It’s always great to hear from parents and listen to them share their experience with GT Scholars. This time around the parent spotlight was focused on Bola, a parent who wanted to give her son extra support during Year 11. She hoped that joining the programme and having her son matched with a mentor could give him some guidance and support on what his next steps would be. And this is exactly what her son’s mentor did! If you’re due for a quick coffee break, this short interview is the perfect excuse! I hope you’ll enjoy watching this video!

Virtual Work experience opportunities!
I often receive inquiries from parents about possible work experience opportunities for young people. I’ve noticed a few companies like EY, Deloitte and KPMG are now offering virtual work experience opportunities for young people during the summer to help them develop employability skills and build their CV. The right opportunity can have a great impact on a young person’s future. It would be great if we could connect our GT Scholars alumni with great work experience opportunities. So, please let me know if you know of any opportunities that we can share with them and I’ll give you a call for a quick chat!

Have a great weekend!

Marilyn van Heerden

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