Friends of GT Scholars – Here’s how you can volunteer in 2020!

Friends of GT Scholars – Here’s how you can volunteer in 2020!

We’re back! I hope you’ve had a great festive season and you’re looking forward to the New Year as much as I am? There’s a lot of new things on the horizon which I hope you’ll be interested in getting involved with, like extra support for volunteers and our new Inspiring Future Leaders Programme starting next month! So grab a cup of coffee, take a quick break and enjoy the first official newsletter of 2020! 

Can you tutor English?
Wow, we have such a demand for English tuition this term and that’s really awesome! We’ve been able to offer a couple of young people a place on the programme. Thanks to everyone who’s confirmed their availability so far. We still have 7 more scholars who need support in English and need your help. So if you’ll be able to volunteer as an English tutor for 1 hour a week from January to April please get in touch! This can make a great difference in a young person’s life!

We’re looking for mentors for the Inspiring Future Leaders Programme!
This new programme sponsored by the Mayor of London & National Lottery Fund will kick-off in February and run until July 2020. The focus will be on helping young boys in London at risk of exclusion, between the ages of 12-14. Young boys joining the programme have been identified as having high aspirations but also struggling with some challenging issues in their personal lives. We’re looking for volunteer mentors to deliver monthly face-to-face mentoring sessions in London. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like more information on mentoring and supporting this group.

Work experience opportunities!
During the last term, I’ve received quite a few enquiries from parents about work experience for young people.  Work experience can help young people build their CV and develop skills and have a life-changing effect on them that can set them on course to a great start and future! We’re hoping to connect our GT Scholars alumni with work experience opportunities. Please let me know if you know of any work experience opportunities within your company or network and I’ll give you a call for a quick chat!

Have a great weekend!

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