Friends of GT Scholars – Could you volunteer for 1 hour a month?

Friends of GT Scholars – Could you volunteer for 1 hour a month?

We hope you had a good week and looking forward to the weekend? We sure are! It might be a gloomy day outside but that does not mean we should let our mood follow suit! Why not warm up someone’s heart with a smile? I often beam a smile at a stranger and more often than not I get one back. Smiling is definitely contagious! So go out there and share your smile with the people around you, it will definitely brighten up their day! But please do it after reading this weeks newsletter 🙂

Can you volunteer as a mentor for 1 hour a month?
The Inspiring Future Leaders Programme will run from February until July 2020. We are looking for volunteer mentors to be paired up with boys between the ages of 12-14 that are at risk of permanent exclusion. Mentors will need to commit to 1 hour a month for 6 months and also be available to support at 1 of the 10 enrichment or skill-building days. There will be a training day for all volunteer mentors to prepare them for the mentoring sessions. Please let me know if you’d like to get involved and I’ll get in touch.

Work experience opportunities!
We’ve received quite a few enquiries from parents about work experience for young people. We would like to help by connecting GT Scholars alumni with work experience opportunities and help them build their CV and develop their skills. The right work experience opportunity can have a life-changing effect on a young person and can set them on course to a great start and future! Please get in touch if you know of any work experience opportunities within your company or network and I’ll give you a call for a quick chat!

Fancy writing an article for our blog?
If you enjoy writing and would like to contribute to our blog page, we would like to hear from you! Our blog focuses on education, personal development, growth mindset, and other related content for parents, scholars, and schools. Established bloggers are also welcome to include a link to their own site when writing a post for our blog. Please tell us what you would like to write about by completing this application form. You can also find more information on our blogging guidelines here.


Have a great weekend!

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