Friends of GT Scholars – Can you help us with our first Virtual Roadshow?!

Friends of GT Scholars – Can you help us with our first Virtual Roadshow?!

Happy Friday! Summer is pretty much here and I can hardly contain my excitement! The weather has been so good and there are lots of great things happening at GT Scholars – I really think the sunshine is amplifying things! In just a few weeks, I’ll share the exciting things we’ve been working on. But for now, I’ll focus on the present – Here is this week’s newsletter!

Virtual Roadshow – Could you arrange an introduction for us?
There’s an exciting new programme coming up which we’re co-designing with some of our amazing young people! We’re looking to form new connections with companies that have a global outlook and an interest in helping young people from diverse backgrounds achieve their aspirations. We’re in the process of setting up a “Virtual Roadshow” where we’ll meet with different companies and explain how they can get involved. If you know someone within your company that is responsible for CSR and you can set up an introduction, please get in touch!

Make the most of your tutoring or mentoring sessions this term!
The term has officially started, a little later than usual, but it’s now in full swing. Thanks again to everyone that confirmed their availability. If you’ve not received your tutee or mentee match details yet, please keep an eye on your inbox, I’ll be confirming the last matches for the term by Monday at the latest. I’ll also be sharing some blogs in this newsletter to help you increase the impact of your tutoring or mentoring sessions. In this blog, you can find out how you can make the most out of your volunteering experience.

Share, Like & Repost!
We’d love for you to help us climb the social media ladder so we can let more volunteers and young people know about our programmes and how they can get involved. We’ve got just over 100 followers on Instagram which is a little bit sad and lonely. We’re planning to up our social media game over the Summer but please help if you can! You can connect with us on all platforms, particularly Instagram and LinkedIn and continue to like and comment on our posts – also feel free to mention GT Scholars in your posts!

Have a terrific weekend!

Marilyn van Heerden

Friends of GT Scholars Volunteers