Friends of GT Scholars – A little gift for you! Yes, you can open it right away!

Friends of GT Scholars – A little gift for you! Yes, you can open it right away!

Chin up! It’s Friday! I was really looking forward to writing this week’s newsletter, just so that I can share some positive vibes with you! It’s not the greatest time for any of us right now but I am really blown away by all the good deeds people are doing. Like the guy who took his dog for a walk with his drone! You know we just have to pay it forward now! This week we’ve got a couple of favours to ask and… surprise! There’s a special bonus for you at the end!

Have you updated your LinkedIn profile yet?
Have you updated your LinkedIn profile yet since becoming a volunteer with GT scholars? If you’ve recently volunteered with us, don’t forget to add GT Scholars to your LinkedIn experience section! If you haven’t done so already – it’s really easy to do! You just need to add new experience (even if it was in the past) and when it requests for the company you worked at, type in ‘GT Scholars’ or ‘The GT Scholars Programme’. Also, feel free to connect with GT Scholar’s founder, Temi Kamson and she’ll definitely accept your request!!

Could you free up 4 hours next week for an Online Volunteering Project?
So while we’re on the topic of adding volunteering to your LinkedIn profile, why not volunteer a few hours this month or next month?! As mentioned, we’ll be needing volunteers to help us with our online courses and resources for young people. We’ve been really busy lately, with many enquiries from parents. Many have asked if we can collate learning resources that young people can use over the next few weeks. We’re looking for a few volunteers, about 2-3 people, who’d like to get involved in a short project crowdsourcing online learning resources for young people. If you have 4-8 hours to spare next week, please contact us and I’ll fill you in on the details!

Get LinkedIn to work for you!

Now that we’re all stuck at home, it makes perfect sense to boost your online presence and your personal brand. Temi’s been talking about doing this for years – so right now she has no excuse! So to give you some background, Richard is a really good friend of GT Scholars. Temi did a talk in 2018 at one of his London Events – Entrepreneur Business Live (Remember when we used to leave our homes and meet up without a care in the world?) Anyway, Richard also happens to be an authority on LinkedIn with over 20,000 followers! He runs business events in London and Miami and he’s currently offering his Basics of LinkedIn course for free if you register before the end of the week – register now if you can and also send him a thank you from us!

Have a great weekend!

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