Discover the 9 Success Habits

to Help Your Teen Succeed

at School & Beyond

 Join this live Webinar with Temi Kamson, Founder & CEO of GT Scholars

Thursday 9th February 2023 at 7pm

  • This Webinar will be live on Thursday 9th February 2023. Time: 7pm - 8:30pm (London)
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Meet your Host - Temi Kamson

Temi Kamson is the CEO of GT Scholars, a social enterprise that provides leadership and personal development programmes to young people aged 11-18.


Temi has a Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of Nottingham. She started her career as an engineer and worked for a short time in Investment banking before deciding to pursue a PGCE in Mathematics Education at the University of Cambridge.


Temi taught in state and independent schools for a decade, and set up GT Scholars in 2013. Since its founding, GT Scholars has impacted the lives of over 15,000 young people through its leadership, learning and career development programmes.


Taryn Naidoo - Head of Programmes

Prior to working with GT Scholars, Taryn Naidoo spent most of her professional career in management within the financial industry.


With a background in Psychology,  she's passionate about helping young people to achieve their full potential.


Taryn has a keen interest in training, coaching and personal development and currently works within GT Scholars as the Head of People and Programmes. She leads the Scholar Success Team and the career support programmes for schools and young people.




Join us for this 90-minute Webinar, If you'd like to:

  • Discover a proven formula to help your teen succeed at school and beyond
  • Understand the challenges that young people face when it comes to attaining their academic & career aspirations
  • Gain strategies so your teen can implement the success habits in their day to day life
  • Equip your child with tools to raise their confidence and self-belief
  • Learn how your teen can benefit from knowing the 9 success habits
  • Help your teen develop self-leadership skills & stay focused and motivated regardless of their current grades
  • Find out ways to help your teen build resilience & develop a growth mindset to succeed 
  • Find out more about our courses and programmes at GT Scholars


"I really enjoyed the informal atmosphere and many ‘light bulb’ moments I had when Temi spoke of her beginnings. By attending the session I discovered that there is support out there, to help me to help my child." - S. Laurent, Parent

"The session was really inspiring and I enjoyed listening to everyone’s journey to success. Being proactive and focused takes you to places you want to be and deserve to be." - M. Nwokeji, Parent

"The session was inspiring and I've learned more about opportunities for my daughter and how to encourage her. I believe that events like this are very important to support young people." - Mwanza. C, Parent

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