How to Coach  Your Teen to Succeed

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Meet your Host - Temi Kamson

Temi Kamson is the founder and Chief Executive of GT Scholars, a UK-based social enterprise that provides tutoring, mentoring and enrichment programmes to young people from a range of backgrounds.


Passionate about social mobility and diversity, Temi has a Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of Nottingham. She started her career as an engineer and worked for a short time in Investment banking before deciding to pursue a PGCE in Mathematics Education at the University of Cambridge.


Temi taught in state and independent schools for a decade before moving into the world of project management and social entrepreneurship.

Marilyn van Heerden - Head of Programmes

Prior to working with GT Scholars, Marilyn spent most of her professional career in administration and management within the aviation industry.


She's passionate about supporting young people to achieve their full potential. Marilyn has a keen interest in coding, technology and entrepreneurship. She currently works within GT Scholars as Head of Programmes.


Marilyn joined the GT Scholars programme team in 2017. She currently works within GT Scholars as Head of Programmes ensuring that young people are matched with programmes that can support them, as well as volunteer tutors and mentors that can help them achieve their academic and career goals.


Join us for this 90-minute Webinar, If you'd like to:

  • Develop a coaching-style that can help your teen succeed at school & in life
  • Find out if you're a Relationship builder, Future Shaper or Intentional Coach.
  • Discover your personal coaching style as a parent & what works well for you
  • Learn key tools to help your teen navigate through their teenage years
  • Gain tools to immediately enhance your relationship with your teen
  • Get feedback from experts with tips to support your teen's growth & progress


“I decided to do the Genius course because I wanted to improve my reading speed and learn new memory techniques in order to make studying easier and more enjoyable. Since going on the Genius course, I feel that I have been able to dispel any preconceptions about an ability to do something. The words “I can’t” have become redundant. There is so much to learn in life it can be daunting however, thanks to Genius, the unknown and impossible start to dissolve at levels beyond your imagination.” - Boris P

I chose to take the Genius course for multiple reasons. I had a lot of doubts in my own ability when it came to memory and so I knew that this had to change. I went in with the idea that I wanted to improve my reading speed, learn new languages and remember more in my day to day life like meetings and conversations with staff as well as friends and family. Since taking Genius, I have achieved tremendous success with the techniques. One of the key skills I use everyday is mind maps. These have completely changed how I take notes in both my professional and personal life.” - Luke W

“It has been an amazing journey, and I’ve met a bunch of great people along the way. But, most importantly, I have realised that I can break through any self imposed ceiling on my learning abilities. My thirst for knowledge has increased, and I’m so excited about the future and what I’ll achieve as I go from strength to strength. There is more to Genius in 21 Days than learning techniques, it’s about self development, it’s about joining an amazing like minded community whose narrative is to see everyone succeed, reach their potential and for each and everyone to make a difference in the world.” - Amina H

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