FAQs Online Careers Day

All the resources including the welcome pack, workbooks and bonus materials will only be sent to you if you’ve completed the Online Safety & consent form. Please complete this before the event so you have access to all the material you need for the Careers summit. We will send you the Welcome Pack, Workbooks & Bonus Materials on Friday evening before the event.

The online safety form is for parents and also for young people. Parents must use a separate email address from their child. We understand that some parents will not be able to attend the day. However, you will still need to fill this in for your child.

The upcoming Careers Summit will begin on Saturday 6th November at 9.30am. We will send you the Livestream links on Saturday morning before the event begins. If you’ve registered late, please ensure you fill in the online safety agreement by Friday 7 pm so we can send you the Welcome pack, workbooks and bonus material on Saturday morning.

Attendees will be able to send questions using an app. The details for the app will be shared with all attendees prior to Careers day. You’ll also be able to ‘upvote’ your favourite questions. This ensures that the moderator for each session can put forward the most relevant questions to the speakers.

You can send in your questions on the day, using the live online chat and comments system via youtube. However, the speakers and moderators will prioritise the questions that have been sent in advance via the Questions Voting page. We highly recommend that you add your name & age to your question as we’ve noticed that people are more likely to vote for questions with a name and less likely to vote for someone called ‘Anonymous’! Parents are also welcome to send in their questions.

You can download the Careers Summit Schedule PDF document here.

This event is for young people aged 13-18 and their parents or guardians. It is one of our most popular events of the year and it’s a great way for parents to learn about opportunities for their child and get access to resources and support for their child.

If you’re struggling to add or remove talks, here’s a quick video that shows you how to select your sessions.

To book the Panel Sessions & Masterclasses that you’d like to attend visit the schedule page on the Careers Summit website. On the Schedule page, you’ll be able to add sessions that you’d like to attend to your own schedule for the day. If you need help to book your sessions, have a look at this short tutorial video on how to book Panel Sessions & Masterclasses for Careers Day.

We currently run the Careers day once a year and it’s usually on a Saturday. We’re aware that some families may be unable to attend on a Saturday, due to religious reasons. In the future, we plan to run the Careers Day twice a year in Feb/March & Oct/Nov. We may also extend the ‘day’ and run the sessions over a period of two days. This will most likely be over the weekend or during a half-term break. You may still sign up to this event if you are unable to attend the live sessions. We will send out recordings which you can access for up to 48 hours after the event. Please note that you will only be able to access these recordings,  if you have signed up to the event and filled in the Online Safety Agreement.

All attendees, including young people and adults, must adhere to the Careers Summit online safety & privacy rules, in order to attend the summit. If you are not attending the summit but your child would like to attend, you will still need to fill in this form to give consent.

Yes. The replay will be available for 48 hours after the event. If you are on one of our programmes, you’ll have access to the videos in your online learning hub.

We choose our speakers based on feedback from young people on our programmes, prior to the event. Unfortunately, once we start promoting the event, we cannot accept new requests to search for a speaker. Please feel free to state any specific requests in your feedback form and if there is enough interest, we will try to accommodate this in our next Careers day.

You can choose the Panel sessions & masterclasses that you’d like to attend ie. you do not need to be present for the whole day. The recordings will be made available for 48 hours after the day. However, you have to be registered in advance, in order to access this.

Many of the speakers for the Careers day are DBS checked because they regularly volunteer with us as a tutor or mentor. However, volunteer speakers that are not regular volunteers are not required to have an Enhanced DBS check. By law, we cannot apply for DBS checks for individuals that are volunteering for a single day and individuals that are not directly interacting with attendees. Before attending all attendees must complete the online safety & consent form.

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No. There will be no need for attendees to turn on their cameras.

Yes, you’ll be able to interact with speakers by sending questions by using an app. You’ll also be able to ‘upvote’ your favourite questions. This ensures that the moderator for each session can put forward the most relevant questions to the speakers.

You will have to register to attend Careers Day. Each attendee will have to register individually. After registering, you’ll be able to book the Panel Sessions & Masterclasses that you’d like to attend.

No. There will be 3-4 sessions running at the same time so you will have to choose which sessions you’d like to attend prior to the event.

The Careers Day is funded by our partners & sponsors, and it is entirely free for parents and young people to attend.

Over the past few years, we have had speakers from a range of companies such as Deloitte, PWC, Goldman Sachs, Accenture and Blackrock bank. The day usually features a range of short panel sessions, workshops & talks from various professionals. Many of the sessions are interactive and have a Q&A element where pupils can send in their questions. We also usually have smaller workshop-style sessions focused on improving employability skills and where possible, we have talks from universities. Parents & Young People can choose the workshops & masterclasses that they would like to attend ie. they do not need to be present for the whole day.

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Each Masterclass and Panel session is approximately 60-90 mins long.

You can contact the organisers by sending an email to contactus@gtscholars.org.

We started running the Careers Day in London in 2016 and we usually run this once a year. However, now that we have moved this online, we will aim to run this twice a year. The first event will be in February/March and the second event will be in October/November.

No. The Careers Day will be online and we will be using a webinar format. Which means that attendees can see the speakers but the speakers cannot see the attendees. We ask attendees to please respect the privacy of our speakers and ask questions on the day, not after the day. We also ask speakers to report any individuals that attempt to make contact with them after the careers day.