Enrichment days

All GT Scholars attend 3 enrichment events every year. The enrichment days are designed to help young people learn about some of career and academic opportunities that are available to them.


Raising aspirations, defining ambition

The enrichment programme is about raising aspirations and giving young people a chance to clearly define their own ambitions. 

Why is it so important?

We know that there are loads of opportunities for young people. However, some young people are still hindered by a lack of awareness of these opportunities. Others are hindered by concerns that these opportunities are not suited to their skills, strengths, personality or socio-economic background. 


What do the enrichment days involve?

There are a range of enrichment activities throughout the year and we encourage scholars to take part in at least 3 enrichment days every year. This can include day trips to universities, STEM activity days and visits to the city. Scholars also have the opportunity to meet with professionals from a wide range of industries.


Where are you going? How will you get there?

It’s extremely difficult to stay focused and motivated through the year when you’re not entirely sure what you’re working towards. The enrichment programme helps young people have a better picture of what it will take to achieve their ambitions.


You decide!

We don’t expect all young people to know what they want to be when they join the programme. We know that this can change at anytime (even for adults!). What’s important is that young people are aware of the opportunities available to them so that they can make an informed decision about their future academic or career path.

How do I apply?

Our main intake is in September with additional intake every two to three months. Click below to find out how to apply.

How to apply