Discover 10 Volunteering Opportunities with GT Scholars

Discover 10 Volunteering Opportunities with GT Scholars

Volunteering with GT Scholars is a great way to get involved with young people and help them in different areas of their lives. It’s the perfect opportunity to give back to your community and pass down knowledge and lessons that you have learnt throughout your life. Your support can help a young person achieve their goals & aspirations. Wondering how you can get involved? Have a look at these volunteering opportunities to find out which one is best for you.

Become a mentor
We’re always looking for more volunteer mentors to join our amazing team of volunteers and help support young people between the age of 14-16. As a mentor, you’ll help guide a young person as they plan for the future, help your mentee discover all the different options available to them, and give them the support & strategies they need to achieve their aspirations. To offer 1-to-1 mentoring support, you’ll spend 2 hours a month working with your mentee during a 12-week term.

Podcast Interview
Our Youth Board is on the lookout for professionals who are keen to be interviewed on their podcast called Young, Gifted & Talented! The podcast will be for young people to learn from professionals in different career fields. It will also help young people to have a better understanding of the working world and to make career decisions. To volunteer as a guest speaker on the podcast, you’ll need to be available for a 1-hour interview followed by a 30min Q&A session at the end. The podcast interview will be live, and you’ll also have a chance to answer questions from young people across the UK.

Connect with Schools & Parents
Do you or your company have some valuable information that you’d like to share with our network of over 5000 parents and young people? By volunteering to host a webinar, you can do so! A webinar will run for 90 minutes. Each webinar will be broken down into a 1-hour presentation and 30 min Q&A for parents and young people to ask questions. If you’d like to volunteer by sharing some information about your brand or company, this opportunity might be for you!

1-to1 Volunteer Tutoring
There are quite a number of young people between the age of 14 & 16 who need 1-to-1 support with Maths & English up to GCSE level. If you’re interested in helping a young person to reach their full potential in one of these subjects, you can do so by becoming an online volunteer tutor! As a tutor, you will be supporting your tutee for 1 hour per week during the 12-week term.

Careers day – Panel speaker
We host an Online Careers Summit twice a year for young people to learn from professionals from a wide range of career fields, different companies, and from diverse backgrounds. If you’d like to be part of our next Online Career Summit day, you can do so by joining as a guest speaker for one of our many panel sessions. Each panel session has a specific topic and runs for 90 mins.

Run a Masterclass or Workshop
If you have a specific skill that you’d like to share with young people so that they can learn or enhance their skills, you can volunteer to lead a live masterclass or workshop! Each masterclass or workshop will be between an hour and a half to two hours long. This is a great way to boost young people’s skills and build their confidence.

Create an online course
Create a personal development course for young people to watch in their own time. By designing an online course, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce your employer brand to over 20,000 young people in the UK. Each online course will be in between 1 hour & 3 hours long.

Run a Virtual Challenge
If your company is looking to reach more young people, they can do so by running a virtual challenge! Gamification & online challenges is a great way to boost young people’s skills. With this volunteering opportunity, you’ll be able to reach over 50,000 young people across the UK. Each virtual challenge will run from 6 to 12 hours.

Mock interviews
Help a young person by dedicating 1 hour of your time to have a practice interview session with them. This is a great way to give tips and advice to young people who’re getting ready for interviews. Your feedback will help a young person to be prepared, build confidence, and have a better understanding of what they can expect at their first interview.

Online CV Reviews
If you’re an HR specialist, creative writer, or designer, your feedback on a young person’s CV might make a world of difference to them! You can add value by sharing ideas, looking for grammatical errors and ways that they can improve their CV. By dedicating 30mins of your time, you can help a young person’s CV stand out from the rest!

We’re always happy to build our network of talented volunteers to help make a difference in the lives of young people! So, if you are interested in any of the volunteering opportunities listed in this blog, and you’re ready to start volunteering with us, please get in touch, and our recruitment team will guide you through the steps to get started.

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