Programme G103 – The GT Scholars Mentoring Programme

Course type: Programme

Course code: G103

Course title: The GT Scholars Mentoring Programme

Who is this course for? Young people

Location: London

Next date & time: Please check term dates

What is this programme about?

Many young people have high aspirations but fail to meet their aspirations because they lack the tools and strategies needed to achieve their goals.

The Mentoring Programme is designed to help young people with the motivation and strategies they need to succeed in their goals.

Mentors work directly with our scholars, providing them with ongoing coaching so that they are equipped with the strategies and tools they need to achieve their personal goals. This helps our scholars discover their strengths, it develops their resilience and it helps build confidence in their own abilities.

More details

The mentoring programme has been designed to support students with high aspirations that would like to gain access to top universities, competitive careers or top-tier apprenticeships.

Our mentors are professionals and graduates that work in a range of careers. All our mentors are DBS checked volunteers. Many of our mentors have been chosen because they work in careers or went to universities that our scholars aspire to.They are passionate about making a difference and they want our scholars to reach their full potential.

What will you get from this programme?

As part of the Mentoring Programme, we aim for scholars to:

  • Benefit from building a positive relationship with a role model
  • Build self-leadership skills and develop self-efficacy
  • Set personal goals and work towards achieving their ambitions
  • Develop strategies or solutions on how to achieve their goals
  • Gain motivation and support to improve grades in school
  • Enhance self esteem and self confidence
  • Improve their interpersonal skills

Feedback from mentors, parents and mentees:

I’ve learned that learning means you have to push yourself…no one can make you learn….It’s a bit like sports…If you don’t push yourself you won’t get better…I’d say I have improved because I’m making more of an effort and I’m better with organising my time and my homework.

Shaun Age 12, Scholar on the mentoring programme.

Who should join the mentoring programme?

All scholars on the GT Scholars Academic Programme or the GT Scholars Awards Programme are eligible to join the GT Scholars Mentoring Programme.

Bursaries: There are no bursaries for the mentoring programme as it is entirely free for all scholars.

Location: Online or In person

Fee: Not applicable.

Dates & time: One-to-one mentoring sessions will need to be scheduled with your tutor or mentor. Sessions will usually take place during weekday evenings or at the weekend. There are typically three x 2 hour sessions in each term.

Please see the term dates for more information.

How to apply: If you would like to receive email and text notifications for The GT Scholars Programme, please fill this form.

GT Scholars

GT Scholars

The GT Scholars Programme is a not-for-profit social enterprise that tackles educational inequality and improves social mobility by helping young people aged 11-16 gain access to the most selective universities and the most competitive careers. Our tutoring, mentoring and enrichment programme is designed to give young people the support, skills and strategies they need to achieve their ambitions.
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