Programme 102: The GT Scholars Awards Programme

Course type: Programme

Course title: Young Leaders Programme

Who is this course for? Young People

Location: London

Next date & time: See term dates

What is this programme about?

The GT Scholars Awards Programme is a programme for pupils that would like to learn new skills and gain awards for developing their skills. Young people on the GT Scholars Awards Programme have access to a range of free or low cost workshops and courses to build their skills and abilities including self-confidence, study skills, team work, time management and growth mindset.

Examples of short courses and workshops include: How to build an outstanding CV, How to get into Oxbridge, How to choose a career and How to excel in any examination.

It is important for our scholars to not only learn new skills but to make full use of the skills that they have learned and we ask our scholars to do this by taking part in skilled-volunteering.

More details

Scholars of the GT Scholars Awards programme also get access to weekend or residential skill-building days, enrichment days and masterclasses including Photography and Film making masterclasses and Computing coding and Robotics masterclasses where scholars can learn to build an app or design a micro-website.

As part of the GT Scholars Awards programme, we ask all of our scholars to take part in skilled-volunteering. Skilled-volunteering hours can include public speaking or presenting at one of our events, contributing to our blog or vlog, joining our advisory board or becoming a GT Scholars ambassador, being part of a panel and speaking to new scholars or volunteers, creating a micro website or online app for other scholars to use or any other activity that demonstrates use of a soft or technical skill.

What will you get from this programme?

As part of the GT Scholars Awards Programme, scholars:

  • Gain access to our workshops, courses and masterclasses at a reduced cost or free of charge
  • Improve their leadership and team building skills
  • Develop technical skills, soft skills and interpersonal skills
  • Build self-leadership skills and develop self-efficacy
  • Develop strategies or solutions on how to achieve their goals
  • Meet other scholars with high aspirations
  • Gain awards to include on their CV or personal statement

Who should join the GT Scholars Awards Programme?

This Awards Programme is for young people that want to improve their grades and want to improve their chances of getting into a top university or getting into a competitive career. The programme is ideal for students that don’t require academic tutoring but could still benefit from support to help them gain access to a top-tier apprenticeship or top university.

Other notes: Light refreshments are provided at any of our half day events and short workshops. If you have access needs or special dietary requirements please state this when you book your place.

Bursaries: We have a limited number of 100% bursaries available for the awards programmes. Please fill this form if you would like to apply for reduced fees. Please note that bursaries do not include travel costs.

Location: London

Fee: This programme is free for young people with household income under £16,190. Means-tested fees may be applicable if your total household income is above £16,190.

Dates & time: Most courses, workshops and masterclass sessions take place at the weekend or during school holiday periods.

How to apply: If you would like to register your interest in this programme, please click here.

GT Scholars

GT Scholars

The GT Scholars Programme is a not-for-profit social enterprise that tackles educational inequality and improves social mobility by helping young people aged 11-16 gain access to the most selective universities and the most competitive careers. Our tutoring, mentoring and enrichment programme is designed to give young people the support, skills and strategies they need to achieve their ambitions.
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