In The Know – Homeschooling tools for parents and young people!

In The Know – Homeschooling tools for parents and young people!

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Homeschooling is now a reality for most families and parents and young people need to work together to make sure they stay up to date with study schedules and milestones. With a lot of learning resources out there and still having to make sure you’re in sync with the curriculum, things can get a bit challenging at times. Thank goodness there are apps out there to help you streamline things. Have a look at these awesome tools to help you with all things homeschooling.

Manage and track your study time!
Clockify is a free easy to use app that allows parents to get an overview of how to best plan and spend their time. This app also allows you to track how much your child spends on schoolwork and free time and you can even log the tracked time for different tasks and subjects. Even more, Clockify also suggests how to automate or speed up some processes and track your progression over a certain time period. For more information click here.

Gamify your learning with Habitica!
Habitica is a fun interactive app young people can use to stay on top of their assignments and tasks. The apps turns everyday tasks into interactive challenges where young people get to build and upgrade their avatar with each completed task. You can also compete with each other making this a fun family activity. Habitica can be downloaded on your phone making it an easy, on-the-go way of keeping track of tasks and learning assignments. To find out more click here.

Simplify homeschooling with Homeschool Panda
Homeschool Panda is an all-in-one tool that offers parents support to make homeschooling easier. It offers quick and easy lesson plans that allow parents to track and report their kids learning activities. The app also includes a safe and secure portal for students to easily track their lessons and assignments. What’s also great is that it provides a network for parents who homeschool where they can chat with other parents that are online and share ideas or activities. Sign up here!