Apprenticeships are fast becoming an alternative to university

Apprenticeships are fast becoming an alternative to university

As you may already know, at GT Scholars we believe that getting into a highly competitive university is an excellent way to get into a highly competitive career. But what if university is just not your cup of tea? What if you already know what you want to do? And what if you want to start sooner rather than later?

An apprenticeship is fast becoming the alternative route for young students that are choosing to fast-track their career. So here are our top 10 apprenticeships or special schemes for anyone looking to fast track their career by going straight into the corporate world.

Remember that these apprenticeships are extremely competitive. Getting an apprenticeship is an alternative to university but it is by no means an ‘easier’ route!

For the top companies, you will still need good grades and you will need to demonstrate that you have the right attitude. Here are just some of the companies that you could apply to.

One of the ‘BIG 4’: 



EY Apprenticeships




An investment bank: 

Goldman Sachs 

JP Morgan

UBS Apprenticeships 

A commercial/investment bank: 

Lloyds Bank 




Barclays Bank 

An engineering or technology company: 


BAE Systems


For more apprenticeships within different industries visit this or this one or and search for apprenticeships



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