9 Ways To Help Your Teen To Create Technology Through Coding!

9 Ways To Help Your Teen To Create Technology Through Coding!

In today’s digital age, technology dominates every aspect of life — from communication to career development — and coding has emerged as a critical skill for the present workforce. As parents, nurturing this skill in your teens is crucial to prepare them for the future. The shift from being consumers to creators of technology empowers them and exposes them to new possibilities.

What if you empowered your teen not just to consume technology, but to create it? you would be opening them up to a world of opportunities. Rather than simply using apps, they could be the ones developing them using their interests and abilities.

In this blog post, we’ll explore nine ways you can help your teen become a creator of technology, not just a consumer. From introducing them to coding basics to encouraging them to pursue their own projects, there are multiple ways you can support your teen in their journey to becoming a tech creator.

1. Discover The Best Age To Learn Coding

One of the most common questions parents have is, “When is the best age for my teen to start learning how to code?” There is no one-size-fits-all. The best age to learn to code is during one’s teen years when cognitive abilities are developing, making it the best time to understand the logical and problem-solving characteristics of coding.

But the truth is, coding is a skill that can be learned by anyone, regardless of their age. It is a versatile skill that stimulates critical thinking and creativity. Our blog post, learn coding at any age? Here are 12 tips to help you get started! delves deeper into this topic. Realising that age is not a barrier to learning how to code can lead to important self-discoveries.

Besides, coding is the foundation of the technology we interact with daily. From smartphones to social networks, every digital platform your teen uses runs on code. By learning to code, your teen isn’t just learning to understand the language of computers; they’re unlocking the power to create, innovate, and solve problems.

2. Endorse A Growth Mindset

Introducing a growth mindset is important for any learning journey, especially in the world of coding. Many teens may feel intimidated by the idea of programming, thinking it’s too complex or reserved for geniuses. As a parent, it’s essential to motivate a growth mindset, emphasising that abilities can be developed by stepping out of the comfort zone .

Also, many teens spend hours consuming technology, yet few understand the workings behind the screen. Shifting your teen from merely using technology to creating it starts with stirring up a ‘creator’ mindset. Inspire exploration, ingenuity, and the attitude that every problem is solvable with the right code.

Moreso, You can do this by highlighting successful individuals who started coding with no prior experience and achieved remarkable triumphs. Share stories of famous coders like the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of electric automobile maker Tesla, Elon Musk, emphasising the perseverance and continuous learning that led to their success. This mindset shift will empower your teen to embrace challenges and view failures as opportunities for improvement.

3. Introduce Fun And Interactive Coding Platforms

Coding for beginners is widely accessible these days, and the right guidance can set your teen on a path of technological mastery. By introducing coding to beginners, especially during their developing teen years, you’re equipping them with essential tools for a successful future.

What’s more, to make coding enjoyable for your teen, take advantage of the overflow of fun and interactive coding platforms available online. Platforms like Scratch, code.org, and thunkable allow teens to create games, animations, and mobile apps using user-friendly interfaces. 

These platforms offer a practical way to learn coding concepts without the difficulties of traditional programming languages.

4. Promote a Supportive Environment

Creating technology can be a challenging and sometimes frustrating process, so it’s important to provide a supportive environment for your teen. Encourage them to ask for help when they need it, whether that’s from you, a teacher, or an online community. Offer praise for their efforts, even if their projects don’t always turn out perfectly. Remember that building technology is a learning process, and mistakes are an important part of that process.

Additionally, consider creating a dedicated space for your teen to work on their projects. This could be a designated corner of their room, a home office, or a shared workspace in your home. Having a space where they can focus on their coding without distractions will help them stay motivated and productive.

5. Encourage Participation In Coding Clubs

Coding is not just an individual endeavour – it thrives in a collaborative environment. These experiences not only provide opportunities to learn from peers but also stimulate a sense of community and teamwork. Collaboration is a key skill for tech creators, as technology projects often require teamwork and cooperation. 

Motivate your teen to join coding clubs or to collaborate with other coders, whether that’s through a coding club at school, a coding meetup in your community, or an online coding forum. By working with others, your teen can learn new skills, gain different perspectives, and create projects that are bigger and better than what they could do on their own.

Additionally, highlight the benefits of networking with like-minded individuals and showcase the success stories of teens who found mentorship and support through coding communities. 

Lastly, our Code Creators Club is designed to help young people improve their coding and computer programming skills. It is open to parents and young people which creates an environment for scholars to have the necessary support and accountability to progress while spending quality time learning a new skill.

6. Provide Access To Multiple Learning Resources

The world of coding is very large, with various programming languages and applications. To help your teen become an all-round technology creator, expose them to diverse learning resources. 

They can design apps, develop games, or contribute to advanced software, transforming their relationship with technology from passive to proactive engagers. Our “Help Your Teen Become a Creator of Code Webinar” is designed to empower parents with strategies to support their teen’s coding journey.

There are many resources available online that can help your teen learn to code, from free tutorials on YouTube to more structured online courses. Support your teen to start small, perhaps by learning the basics of HTML or Python programming. 

As they become more comfortable with coding, they can begin to tackle more complex projects and programming languages to develop their skills further. By providing a well-rounded education, your teen can explore different angles of technology and discover their passion within the coding world.

7. Emphasise Real-World Applications Of Coding

To inspire your teen, highlight the real-world applications of coding. You can do this by connecting coding concepts to industries they are passionate about, whether it’s gaming, healthcare, or environmental science. Show them how coding is used to develop innovative solutions, from creating virtual reality experiences to designing life-saving medical technologies.

This practical exposure will not only motivate your teen but also help them understand the real impact coding can have on the world.

Furthermore, coding challenges young minds to think logically and develop solutions to complex issues. The tech industry is fast growing, and there’s a continuous demand for skilled programmers. Coding knowledge opens doors to lucrative and stable career choices. 

According to a 2021 article by the Department of Education, UK graduates from STEM degrees are typically able to access a higher starting wage, with research showing that achieving 2 or more A Levels in STEM subjects adds more than 7.8% to earnings.

8. Support Higher Education And Career Exploration

As your teen progresses in their coding journey, support their exploration of higher education and potential career paths. 

In other words, influence your teen to pursue internships and seek mentorship from professionals in the field. The practical advice shared during our webinar will equip you with the knowledge to help your teen make informed decisions about their educational and career paths in the tech industry.

As reported by the Department of Education in 2021, “Since 2011, there has been an unprecedented growth in students opting to take on STEM subjects such as Computer Science, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. This includes a 400% increase in acceptances for students wishing to go on to study Artificial Intelligence courses at university.”

9. Encourage them to pursue their own projects

There are many different computer programming languages eg. Javascript, Scratch, Python etc. So, why not take some time to explore and experiment with all of them before deciding which one to specialise in?

Firstly, once your teen has gained some confidence with coding, rather than focusing solely on theory, encourage your teen to engage in project-based learning. Have them create a personal website or design a simple video game. Project-based learning not only enhances coding skills but also incites creativity and critical thinking skills.

Secondly, by giving your teen the freedom to explore their own interests and ideas through coding, you are not only helping them develop their technical skills but also awakening their innovation and growth mindset. 

Lastly, motivate them to embrace failure as a learning opportunity, celebrate small victories, and stay resilient in the face of obstacles. By nurturing a positive attitude towards coding, teens can develop the resilience needed to overcome challenges and achieve their coding goals.

Guiding your teen to become a creator of technology is a rewarding and essential investment in their future. It’s important to understand that it is not necessary to be a coding expert to support your teenager in their coding journey. Encourage your child to continuously develop their technological skills beyond the classroom or school environment. The transition from being a consumer to a creator empowers them with critical thinking skills, creativity, and adaptability – qualities essential for success in the 21st century. By following these nine tips you’ll be well-equipped to support your teen’s journey into the exciting world of coding. Embrace the opportunity to nurture the next generation of technology creators who will shape the future.

Take Action!

For more strategies and resources on guiding your teen towards a future in technology, sign up for our webinar, “Help Your Teen Become a Creator of Code.” Join us as we explore the best practices, tools, and strategies to inspire your teen’s coding journey. You can sign up to watch the webinar here.

Remember, the world of coding is ever-evolving, but with your guidance and support, your teen can become a confident creator of technology, shaping the future with their coding. Start their coding journey today and watch them take off to new heights in the world of technology!

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