30 Ways You Can Volunteer Online And Make A Difference

30 Ways You Can Volunteer Online And Make A Difference

If you’ve ever wondered how you can make a difference in people’s lives, then one thing to consider is to volunteer online. There are many people with challenges that you are equipped to solve and there are multiple ways you can help them. With the use of technology, you can pour into people regardless of their locations through online volunteering. In this blog, we will be sharing 30 ways you can make a difference in people’s lives as you volunteer online.

1. Proof-read Books, Articles And Learning Materials

If you love reading and wish to make material available to anyone in need, why not consider proofreading? Volunteer sites such as Do-it.org and uk.jooble.org post various opportunities where you proof-read various reading or educational materials.

2. Virtually Exposing Human Rights Violations 

NGO Amnesty International offers virtual volunteer opportunities through their Decoders program. You can help researchers go through photos, data and documents that can help with investigating and potentially achieving justice for human rights violations. You can do this with your smartphone or laptop.

3. Become An Online Translator

Sites such as charityjob.co.uk and bananalink.org.uk are regularly looking for volunteer translators. You’d be translating instruction manuals, documents and educational resources. If you can speak English and other languages, then consider becoming a virtual translator. The ideal skills needed include being a good communicator and having excellent English skills. You should be able to work independently and keep deadlines.

4. Care For The Environment

Friends of the Earth is an international community dedicated to nature preservation and the well-being of everyone on it. They lead campaigns, provide resources and drive real solutions to environmental issues. Volunteer with Friends of the Earth by signing a petition or hosting an online craft fundraiser. Explore opportunities on their volunteering page by clicking here to volunteer online.

5. Support Young People Through Online Mentoring 

Young people face challenging situations, resulting in lowered self-confidence and lack of direction.  GT Scholars offers 1-to-1 mentoring sessions for young people to help them make informed decisions to better their future. Volunteer online in a meaningful way by becoming a mentor, helping young people regain their confidence for a better future. Check out some other ways you can volunteer with GT Scholars by clicking here

6. Lend Your Eyes To Those With Impaired Vision

Be My Eyes is a free app that allows people who are blind or have vision impairments to connect with individuals who can help them see. You would provide visual assistance through the app’s live video call feature. You’d assist with reading instructions or helping the visually impaired as they move around in unfamiliar environments.

7. Offer Emotional Support To The Elderly

Organisations such as Age UK, Independent Age and Re-engage connect volunteers with older people looking for support. You’ll write letters, call or send text messages to the elderly to create a sense of community for them.

8. The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

The Crisis Project is looking for volunteers to write letters to NHS health workers. This opportunity to volunteer online is ideal if you prefer written communication over verbal communication and enjoy writing messages or letters. Your words of encouragement could be what our health workers need to hear to keep them going!

9. Give Support To Young People In Crisis

The Mix provides support to young people and young adults who need to speak about any topic that affects them. It could be homelessness, finding a job, money matters or mental health. The Mix handles the very challenging and private topics that those needing help might have. They connect you with experts or peers who will offer the support and tools needed to tackle any challenge they may be facing.

10. Send A Text Message To Someone In Need

Organisations are looking to recruit overnight crisis volunteers who can offer help after 10 pm. Crisis Text Line and Shout’s offer free text messaging services to people in need. You will receive 30 hours of training in reflective listening, collaborative problem-solving, and crisis management.

11. Help Find The Perfect Job For A Student

Finding the perfect job as a young person can be difficult in these changing times. Take the time to lend a professional hand by answering questions about your profession. You can register with Career Ear and answer career advice questions posted by young people. You can also explore listings on Charity Job for different volunteer career advice posts.

12. Advocate For The Less Fortunate To Have Better Housing And Schools

Shelter The World aims to create better communities around the world by providing better housing and school facilities in poorer nations and communities. There are several virtual volunteer opportunities available.  You can use blogging and social media to spread their mission. You can also volunteer online by assisting with website development, donating frequent flyer miles, helping to raise donations, and so much more. 

13. Become An Online Researcher

Zooniverse encourages research where those without training or expertise can participate in any Zooniverse project. Volunteers would study authentic objects of interest gathered by researchers, like images of faraway galaxies,  historical records  or videos of animals in their natural habitats. By answering simple questions, you’ll contribute to our understanding of the world, history and more. Zooniverse has a wide range of projects, covering many disciplines from science to humanities.

14. Preserve A Little Piece Of History

SAVE advocates for the protection of threatened historic buildings and promotes sustainable reuse of these structures. You can help with background research for their campaigns, assist at events, and the publication of books. All this work goes towards helping and saving historic buildings and places that are in danger of demolition or decay. If you’re interested, click here for more information.

15. Lend Your Voice To Those With Speech Impairments

VocaliD’s Human Voicebank brings state-of-the-art speech science to the new era in human communication and connection. They enable those with speech impairments to cope in what is quickly becoming a voice-driven world. Become one of the 25,000 volunteers donating their voice. Do this by recording yourself saying sounds and sentences to be used by VocaliD’s technology.

16. Improve Disabled Access

You can help make your neighbourhood more accessible by ranking shops and restaurants for their disabled-friendly credentials. All you need to do is go on the AXS Map website and enter your place of residence. You can rate the businesses with a star system and leave reviews to help raise awareness for disabled access needs in your area.

17. Read A Book To A Young Person

Reading charity Bookmark allows volunteers to book flexible 30-minute virtual reading sessions with children under the age of 8 to help improve their reading skills. Their digital platform matches schools with reading volunteers that are just a click away. You can arrange reading sessions with the young person by using Bookmark’s mobile app. 

18. Volunteer With The United Nations

UN Volunteers are providing vital support to the UN as they continue with important programmes worldwide. When you volunteer online with the UN, you’ll join a community dedicated to bettering the lives of people worldwide. The United Nations Online Volunteering Service requires assistance with research, design, fundraising, technology and translation for projects.

19. Use Your Creativity To Create Happiness

Loving Hands is an online volunteering opportunity for those who enjoy knitting, sewing, and other creative arts. Volunteers from all over the UK make items for different charities. These items range from baby clothes to elephant blankets, bags for baby puffins, fiddle mats and muffs, and various children’s toys. So if you are good at and enjoy knitting, then this opportunity is ideal.

20. An Opportunity For The Tech-Savvy

Charity Digital supports UK charities in accomplishing their mission by providing technology support. They provide access to online fundraising, email marketing, software and cloud solutions for non-profits. They also offer advice on selecting and utilising the right technology for a charity. You could be asked to do web design, content development or provide other technology-driven support.

21. Become An Online Tutor

GT Scholars offers 1-to-1 online tuition for young people in English and Maths. If tutoring is something you enjoy or are interested in, you can sign up to volunteer for one hour a week for the 12 weeks of the term. To volunteer online, you would need to be DBS checked and have a university degree. Delve into these practical tips to make your online tutoring sessions stand out. 

22. Support Creative Minds

Glimpse is an organisation that focuses on the more creative aspects of non-profit organisations. They offer creative services that help NGOs become more effective and impactful. Glimpse is looking for copywriters, strategists, fundraisers and social media experts who can volunteer online.

23. Help Refugees Find Work

Breaking Barriers assists refugees in finding suitable employment by offering advice and guidance in areas such as operational duties and English language skills. If you’re interested in lending a hand, then browse their website to help make a difference to an entire family.

24. Translate For TED Translate

You’ve probably watched and been motivated by TED Talks over the years. Now you can help get these programmes translated into other languages for more people to benefit by volunteering with TED Translate. As a virtual volunteer, you would create subtitles for the various TED Talks programmes. The skills you would need are speaking English fluently and speaking a second language.

25. Contribute To Conservation

ZSL Instant Wild is looking for volunteers who can assist in conservation efforts by tagging animals in images and videos. They provide helpful field guides for each project to assist those with less expertise. Volunteers would go through photos or watch videos to track animal movements and behaviours.

26. Support Those With Complex Disabilities

Care4Calais supports refugees as they enter the country. Navigating a new country and a foreign language is a big challenge for refugees. Volunteers would help refugees virtually in accessing services such as legal aid or English lessons. These efforts make them feel more at ease with the transition into a new and foreign place.

27. Offer Your Admin Skills

CSSC is a volunteer organisation that manages area finances, runs local events, local sport and helps with marketing or communications. CSSC is looking for volunteers who would curate or support various online activities that encourage members to get active and feel happier. Perhaps you’d love to run a virtual book club or a film club. If this is your passion, why not try to volunteer online?

28. Become A Studenteer

Studenteer is an educational platform encouraging the next generation of professionals to develop skills needed to enter the working world. Studenteer is run by students that put fellow students in contact with good causes and various volunteering opportunities. You’ll help students network with a wide range of individuals and find the perfect volunteering opportunity for them.

29. Support Those With Learning Disabilities

Dimensions support people with learning difficulties and autism. You can volunteer by lending your IT skills to identify and create a directory of learning. Also, you can volunteer at disability-friendly events and social clubs. You can also create fun exercise videos or upbeat music videos for them to follow along on YouTube!

30. Put Your Video Skills To Use

Numberfit takes learning maths to the next level by mixing learning with sports, music and fun to create interactive learning experiences. Numberfit is looking for videographers to assist in launching and developing new resources for use at home or in schools. These videos are then used to help young children better understand subjects such as maths.

With these platforms, distance does not have to be a restriction when it comes to helping others. There is a virtual volunteering post available to suit your skill set. Why not then take up the opportunity to lend a helping hand?

Ready to make a difference from the comfort of your own home? At GT Scholars we’re always looking for talented and passionate volunteers to join our organisation. There are several ways in which you can contribute. To find out more about how you can get involved, contact us!

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