21 Free Mobile Apps To Help You Prepare For Your GCSE Exams And Learn On The Go!

21 Free Mobile Apps To Help You Prepare For Your GCSE Exams And Learn On The Go!

It can sometimes be stressful and even a little overwhelming to think about your upcoming exams. Thankfully, we have the latest, free mobile apps for GCSE exams to help keep you focused and organised during your exam preparation! They’ll also help you to stay on track to reaching your academic goals with ease.

By being organised from the get-go, you’re more likely to establish a clear study timetable that you can stick to. To save you some time, we’ve put together 21 great online studying apps to help keep you in tip-top study shape for your upcoming GCSE Exams!

1. GoConqr

If you learn better in a group, this is the app for you! GoConqr allows you to connect and collaborate with your friends, classmates, and even students across the world! Create, discover & share relevant learning content.

You can join different learning groups covering different study topics. You can also share and post resources, get feedback and advice from other people studying the same subject. It’s interactive, collaborative, and is one of the best mobile apps for GCSE exams.

Check it out on Android

2. Exam Countdown Lite

Finding it difficult to keep track of your upcoming exams? This app creates a handy visual reminder of all your upcoming dates. You’ll be able to stay focused as you easily check how much time you’ve got to study before each exam.

It also lets you colour code your exams and tests and lets you use little icons as a quick reference for each subject. You can even add notes to remind yourself of anything you need to bring on the day.

Get it on Android or iOS

3. My Study Life

Created for High School and University students, this calendar app lets you build your personalised timetable that keeps track of your classes, revision assignments, and exams.

It lets you assign tasks to specific subjects and comes with reminders, so you never miss an important event again! It also features a day and week rotation timetable, so you can easily pop in those assessments or revisions that you only have every other week. To help you get more out of your study sessions take a look at the 10 Tried and Tested Study Methods blog by GT Scholars.

Grab your download on Android or iOS 

4. SimpleMind

Mind mapping is a great study method. It was developed as a way of generating new ideas by association. It helps organise your train of thought and sparks your memory while you come up with new ideas and falls in the top 10 mobile apps for GCSE exams.

With SimpleMind, you can create your very own mind maps, or you can choose one of the many templates to use. You are not limited by size as it boasts an unlimited page size with several elements to help you track and keep the ideas flowing. 

Download SimpleMind on Android or iOS

5. Study Music & Memory Booster

Want to focus better? Music can help clear your mind and help you get things done. With Study Music, you can choose different genres of music for different tasks like studying, reading, and being creative.

You can also add sounds of nature or alpha waves to your chosen music which has been said to make it easier to relax and improve your focus – think of it as being able to bring a piece of the great outdoors with you to the library!

Available on Android, iOS or Desktop

6. Gojimo – GCSE & A-Level Revision

Gojimo by the Telegram is the UK’s most popular revision app amongst GCSE and A-level students. It is a free app that helps you pass exams by giving you access to over 65,000 revision questions for free covering all major subjects including, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, and so many more. 

Gojimo content is available offline making it one of the most convenient mobile apps for GCSE exams, enabling you to revise even when you have no signal. It also tracks their progress, strengths, and weaknesses across each topic.

Whether you are taking your GCSEs, A-Levels, or one of the many other qualifications covered, Gojimo can assist you with both your homework and revision.

Download it on iOS 

Although Gojimo is only available from the Apple App store, keep reading to find something similar for Android.

7.  BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize app is for year 10 and 11 students in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. 

It contains subjects for GCSEs which makes it one of the top-tier mobile apps for GCSE exams. BBC Bitesize revision resources help students break their revision up into easy to digest “bite-sized” bits, helping with planning and time management. 

It has links to learner guides, videos, worked examples and quizzes. BBC Bitesize gives a more comprehensive and effective revision experience.

Available for download on Android or iOS

8. Forest 

You’re finally ready to study and you have all of your revision materials on hand, but you are battling to focus or pay attention? Forest is designed for just that. 

Any time to want to focus on a task you can plant a tree in the app by putting on a timer. The tree will grow while you focus. Keep in mind, if you touch your phone and exit the app while the tree is growing, it will die.  The app allows you to build up a lush forest over time, what’s more exciting is that growing trees on the app can get you real life rewards.

Find it on Android or iOS

9. Evernote

This amazing app allows you to take notes during class or lectures as well as study notes during your exam prep. It also allows you to save screen grabs, articles and PDF files from the web!

This free app is also great for helping you to get organised with an in-build calendar, a to-do-list feature and different note templates to choose from.

Get started with Evernote on Android or iOS


Quizlet is a revision tool that is free and allows you to create flashcards. You can personalise them with your terms and definitions, discover flashcard sets created by other students and teachers or easily create your own to personalise your revision. 

This app also allows you to prepare for the new GCSE exams with their interactive flashcards, games, diagrams, and more. You will be able to revise using the 100 most common SAT words Flashcards or 11+ Vocabulary Flashcards. 

Quizlet also offers exciting interactive games to make your revision more engaging. 

You can download Quizlet on Android or iOS

11.Brainscape – Smart Flashcards

Brainscape works very similarly to Gojimo, making it another one of the most effective mobile apps for GCSE exams, but it gives you the ability to create your revision cards and look through revision cards made by others. 

If you have a specific style of presenting information that works best for you or are doing exams in a niche subject this is the app for you!

The app also allows you to customise how you revise, giving you the freedom to change timings and even add images to flashcards.

Available for downloading on Android or iOS

12. Alarmy: Sleep If You Can

Getting out of bed can be quite a task, especially if you are an advocate for the snooze button! 

This intelligent alarm app is going to change that. It compels you to complete a task like solving a maths problem or taking a picture to turn off the alarm! It will definitely stop the “Just 5 more minutes” lie we tell ourselves.

Get Alarmy on Android or iOS

13. Elevate – Brain Training Games

Elevate is a brain-training app designed to help improve your attention, mental maths, processing speed, speaking skills, memory skills, and so much more.

By playing just three games a day, which were developed in collaboration with educational experts and designed using proven techniques, you can enhance your skills in writing, listening, speaking, reading, and maths.

Find Elevate on Android or iOS

14. CamScanner

Want to scan notes, but you do not have access to a scanner? This app turns any mobile device into a portable scanner allowing you to convert the images you take into several file types to save or share with others. 

This mobile app for GCSE exams is the perfect app to help you get notes that you may have missed out on and save it safely until you are ready to revise.

Available for download on both Android or iOS

15. Coach.Me

If you are looking to change your habits to help you focus more on learning, then Coach.Me is the app for you. 

It guides you to develop better habits. It allows you to track your daily activities and set new goals that are in line with achieving the habit you want to create. Celebrate milestones while holding yourself accountable every step of the way. 

Find Coach.Me on Android or iOS

16. Photomath

Grasping mathematics has its challenges, a small mistake can render your efforts quite disappointing. With Photomap, we can say that those days are now over. Rated one of the best learning apps for students. 

You simply just take a picture of the maths problem, handwritten or printed, and the app itself teaches you how to solve the problem with a step-by-step explanation helping you to not only grasp the concept but learn and practise it as well. 

It can also be used offline, so there’s no need for an internet connection!

Download now on Android or iOS

17. LearnEnglish Grammar

Practise your grammar with LearnEnglish by the British Council. It is a free grammar practice app that is designed to improve English grammar accuracy. There are four levels from beginner to advanced and will surely assist you in improving your grammar. 

With over 1000 practice questions available in all four levels covering, simple past, past continuous, questions tags, prepositions, conditional sentences and future perfect. It allows you to fill in the blanks and then lets you know if your answer is correct or incorrect. 

Available on both Android or iOS

18. Biology GCSE: No Frills

If you are studying Biology then this app will help you test your knowledge. It’s a very simple fast-paced App, with multiple-choice questions for revision purposes. 

150 GCSE level questions are given to you randomly, and you have three possible answers. For every question you get right, you receive a point, and if you answer incorrectly you get to try again. Biology GCSE’s simplicity yet effective resources makes it one of the leading mobile apps for GCSE exams for biology.

Only available on Android 

19. Pocket Physics 

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on the app store, the Pocket Physics app comes highly recommended for students preparing for their physics exams. This user-friendly app covers vital concepts, equations, and formulas of physics. 

It’s said to be a vital learning aid by users who want to refresh their knowledge, prepare for an exam or learn critical concepts. 

It also has perfect references, full of formulas, equations, and images for students who need help studying or doing their homework assignments. 

Download it on Android

20. Chemistry Quiz App

The Chemistry Quiz App will help you improve your knowledge and understanding of chemistry. It contains a wide range of flashcards to help you study and an exam builder to test your knowledge.

The app has a number of engaging quizzes, informative explanations, and interactive features. It aims to make learning chemistry enjoyable and accessible. Mobile apps for GCSE exams need to be engaging and full of variety, which is what you will get with the Chemistry Quiz App.

You can expect a number of different formats, including multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank questions, covering topics such as chemical reactions, periodic table elements, molecular structures, and so much more.

Find it on Android

21. The MindMeister Study App

MindMeister is a free study app that allows you to create mind maps. The app is designed to help students with their GCSE or A-levels. This app is also great for visual learners as it allows them to create mind maps to display complex information. 

It also includes features that allow fun collaboration and students can create their own mind maps on the go!

Available on both Android or iOS

Having access to the latest mobile apps for GCSE exams is having the world at your fingertips. Whether it’s quizzes, mindmaps, brain exercises or GCSE exam practice questions you are looking for, explore the 21 free mobile apps and choose the options that best suit you. Don’t hesitate or delay to have unlimited free learning potential.

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