Friends of GT Scholars – Thank you for your help this term! 💌

Friends of GT Scholars – Thank you for your help this term! 💌

How are you? I hope you’ve had a good week so far? It’s definitely been an interesting week with the ease of lockdown restrictions & the unexpected snowfall at the start of the week! But nonetheless, Summer is still on its way! For now, I’m really looking forward to the new term starting on the 26th of April and getting to work with so many talented young people and volunteers again.

Here’s to another great term!
As the term comes to an end, I’d like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to tutor or mentor a young person! You guys rock! With the help of our esteemed volunteers, we delivered over 330 hours of tutoring and mentoring support to young people on the programme! At the moment we’re in the process of gathering feedback from parents, scholars and volunteers, and we’ll be able to share this with you soon! Thanks once again for all your help this term!

Please help to share our programme!
From our experience working with young people, we learned that a multi-strategy approach of tutoring, mentoring and personal development can help young people achieve their goals beyond academic attainment. The Bright Ambitions programme combines all 3 of these elements, and applications for this programme are open until 24th April. There are also scholarships available. If you know of a parent or young person aged 11-16 that would be interested in this programme, please share this link with them.

A blog to inspire new & experienced volunteer tutors!
The new term will start in just a couple of weeks, and there’s still time to sign up as a volunteer tutor, hit reply if you’re keen. If you’re a volunteer tutor getting ready for the new term, or a new tutor planning to start your very first session soon, we’ve got a blog for you! In this blog, we share some great tips on how you can get started with your sessions and how you can build strong and impactful relationships with your tutee and their parents! Head over to our blog page to have a look at this blog for tutors!

Have a wonderful week!

Marilyn van Heerden

GT Scholars
Friends of GT Scholars Volunteers